Bye Bye 2019

Good Riddance!

Today is the final day of two thousand nineteen! Happy New Years Eve y’all. Not only is it the end of another year but this is the end to a full decade.

Looking back on this year, I can’t say I’m sad to see it go. It has been one of the hardest years for me. Of course it had some good, but over all for me personally, it was just not a good year.

Without going into to many details, let me just say that I had a very difficult time with, not only my health, but also with some family issues. There is an old saying that “blood is thicker than water” and while that may be true, it has proven to be a bit of a tricky statement from my point of view.

Moving on.

I feel like Twenty Twenty will be MY YEAR! My year to be a better wife and mother. My year to be a better friend and relative to others. My year to finally feel better and become closer to my entire family. My year to grow closer to God.

I have a multitude of prayers for Twenty Twenty. Some of my prayers: I pray that my health issues finally become fully resolved. I pray that our ENTIRE family reunites as a whole and becomes closer than ever before. I pray that our finances begin to over flow. But my number one prayer for the year of Twenty Twenty is……………………….that my very first grand child (grandson due in April) is born perfectly healthy and oh so happy! I do know one thing for certain, he will be born naked. (HaHaHa)

I’M GONNA OFFICIALLY BECOME A TOOTSIE Y’ALL!!! I’ve been a Tootsie to my grand animals for a couple of years but this is so different. I can not wait to hold baby Lozowski in my arms and kiss his sweet eyes (just something I do).

Anywho, Y’all have tons of fun bringin in the new year for yourselves. I’m bringin it in sittin with my husband as we watch Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve show on ABC. However y’all choose to bring in the new year this evening; as you celebrate, please be smart and safe about it! Do not drink and drive. Have a designated driver in place, whether it’s a friend, relative, an Uber, or a Taxi just DO NOT get behind the wheel intoxicated and put yourself and others in jeopardy.

This will be a GOOD year

Life Lesson

Lowering our expectations of others will lead to less heartache and disappointment.

When we have expectations, even if they aren’t to far fetched in our thinking, from people and they don’t do or say what we expect of them, it’s a huge upset isn’t it?

I used to be one of the worst about having high expectations from others. While I still have expectations, I’m learning to keep them on a lower scale. It is best to lower them rather than to have them so high that it’s out of reach for any one to even accomplish.

For example; I expected nothing but the best behavior from my children growing up, especially when we were in public places. Often times, I expected way more than what they were even capable of for the age and maturity level they were at. When they didn’t live up to my expectations, I would get very upset. I gave my life to Christ in 2009 and He began to convict me about a lot of things, with one being my own behavior and how I was being as a Mom and wife to the three people in my life that I loved the most. God showed me through His Word and with help from those that He had put in my life during my born again stage, that some, not all, of my expectations from my kiddos were so far out of their reach that they wouldn’t be able to meet them even if they tried. Of course I apologized to both of my children for my actions over the span of their lives, up to that point, once I began to see the error in my ways as I began to expect less and less from them. God showed me that lowering my expectations of others, especially my two babies (always Momma’s babies), would help me to not get so angry and disappointed in them. It helped me to not lose my joy as I learned how to remain in control of my responses to them.

I still am not perfect, nor will I ever be, because I will forever be a work in progress. But I am a lot better at not setting myself up for so much heartache or disappointment. It still happens because we humans are so flawed but thankfully we can be forgiven by our families, friends, and anyone else in our lives that’s willing to forgive, but most importantly we can be forgiven by our Father in Heaven if we ask for forgiveness and repent (turn from) from our hurtful behavior.

Most life lessons are not easily learned but the key is that we do learn from each one of our mistakes because we will daily make them. It is so important to ask for forgiveness, forgive others, and love one another through the mistakes we make. And, since no one is perfect, we have lots of time and ways to learn from one another through this thing called life.

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9).

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Do They Love Me?

I don’t understand how a person/persons can say “I love you” but act like you’re non existent, for the most part. They show you no concern at all with no remorse when they hurt you, sometimes it feels like the hurt is purposely done. They refuse to even talk with you about things going on in their lives and they don’t even ask what’s going on in mine, like family and friends should do and want to share with one another, because “well we are none of your business.” This is not genuine love. And please do not say you “love me” out of obligation. I don’t need or want your pitiful feelings and fake love.

The Bible is very clear that we are to love one another as Jesus loves us. John 15:12: “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” It is also clear about showing that love by action, not merely just speaking it. In 1 John 3:18, it says this: “Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”

Let me break that down a bit. The word love, as a noun, in the dictionary has a meaning put this way: A) an intense feeling of deep affection. B) a great interest and pleasure in something. Now, the word deed has a noun meaning of: an action that is performed intentionally or consciously. And finally, the word truth has a noun meaning of: the quality or state of being true.

I say all of that to say this. Actions speak louder than words and even in the Bible, that’s made clear. God never intended for us to love one another by mere spoken words but rather by showing that love to one another in action form, even from a distance.

If I say “I love you” but do not prove it to you by my actions, wouldn’t you question that love as being real and genuine or just mere words of comfort or obligation? The same is felt for me. If someone tells me that they love me, especially those that are closest to my heart, but their actions say other wise then I tend to wonder. Through their “actions” of love, or lack there of, I am learning that their true and honest love is debatable at this point in our relationship.

Life if very short so show the love you possess to those that you truly love beyond measure. Text and/or call them once in a while. Send a letter or a simple card to them by snail mail. Make an effort, some how some way, to show them that your love is real no matter how many miles are between you. Don’t say one thing but show something else by your actions. Don’t act one way when your with certain people but then act a whole other way when by yourself. Do not ever make anyone have to wonder if you truly love them.

Someone that loves you, even when you’re unlovable, will make time for you no matter what. They will come see you when possible. They will reach out to you, no matter whom they are with, to validate that love that they say they have for you. They would NEVER ignore you and make you feel as if they don’t care whether you live or die. Especially knowing how they make feel, whether intentional or not, because you’ve told them many times.

We all are simply living this life to die one day. I pray that it’s never to late for anyone to make a wrong a right with someone that they have hurt so deeply, especially their own blood family, by their actions as they continue to show you that you truly mean nothing to them.

Show those you say you love that have that true, genuine love for them! Because life is just to dang short not to.

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My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Check back often and watch for new posts.

Introducing Myself

My Family

This is my family. We may not always agree with one another but the love we share runs deep within our Spirit and the devil himself will never be able to break the bond that is shared so deep.

My family began some 23+ years ago when the love of my life and I said “I Do” on that wonderful June 30th day of 1996. In March of 1997, we grew into a family of three as we became the first time parents to a beautiful and happily spirit filled daughter. A couple of years later, in August of 1999, we grew even bigger to become a family of four with the most handsome baby boy I’d ever laid eyes on joining into our family. Today, we are a family of six and I couldn’t be happier about gaining two more wonderful people that I could now call “momma’s babies” as well.

So here we are in 2019 and, now that we are a family of six, life has scattered us all across the globe as our two children have began their own lives making their very own little families. With their own loves and happiness as married couples, they are learning what being an adult is all about.

Both of our boys are Airman in the U.S. Air Force, which leaves both of our girls learning what life is like becoming military wives. So now that my husband and I are military parents and learning how to be empty-nesters, we couldn’t be more proud of each one of our babies. We are thrilled to be along side each of them as they learn to do life together through their successes, as well disasters, of their own. Momma and Dad will always be just a phone call or airplane ride away.

Some of you might want to ask me “Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?” My answer to that is because it is my prayer that, if in any way, some of my life lessons and/or stories can help a single person, then I’d be honored to share my story with them. Therefore, I am making this blog as my “personal” journal through life to leave as a legacy for, not only my family, but any one that could get some insight or wisdom from my life as I continue to learn daily how to walk closer to Jesus and be more Christlike as we are called to live.

What topics do I think I’ll write about is probably another question that might be asked so I’ll go ahead and answer that one too. My main objective is to write about life and love, in a general sense as well as a relationship sense, as I am learning to hear from and be obedient to the Holy Spirit living within me. As I go through, or have already gone through, the many trials and tribulations that we face on the daily I want to share my experiences as means of helping others. My ultimate goal as I journal through on this blog is to help myself, and others, learn to cope in a more Christlike way. I hope to gain insight from ya’ll as well, through your comments of knowledge and wisdom, as we help one another continue to grow.

Now that you know a little bit about me, I pray that you will enjoy my posts. Check back often and feel free to comment on any of them. Should you comment; please keep it kind, clean, and family oriented. My blog is open to any age, so I want to keep the comments friendly and appropriate or it will be deleted. Feel free to email me at with anything you’d like to discuss privately.

Happy Reading!

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