Month: January 2020

Matthew 14-15 NIV is where Jesus himself, as He is teaching His followers, says “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.” To fully walk with Christ you must […]

While my Daddy is not a perfect man, who is, I have come to know him and love him beyond measure. He is perfectly imperfect! My Daddy was not around much as I was growing up and even when he was around he didn’t pay much attention to us kids. Once he and my Mom […]

“Nobody but You” by Gwen and Blake This is a new video that just came out a few days ago. Even if you don’t follow these two artist, I’d bet you’ve heard about their awesome relationship some how. I absolutely love these two together! Pic from (google search) E! News online Imma country girl […]

Another rough day of pain. Ugh!! So over this flare up. My BFF sent me this picture and it is so true! She truly gets me and there are no words to explain how much I appreciate and love her. After day 4 (today) of this particular flare up and struggling to even get something […] A well explained way of my daily life with the issues I live with. Take the time to watch this and maybe it’ll help you to understand….. How to know you are truly saved. I enjoy Dr Jeffress’s teachings and his direct messages of the true meaning of salvation. He don’t beat around any bush to say what he believes to be truth in the Gospel. Through belief and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ, along with heartfelt repentance, is the […]

There’s nothing like jamming out to some 80’s music, of all genres, to get me into a cleaning mood. My body don’t keep up with my mind anymore so it takes me longer now to do things I used to could do in no time at all or so it seemed. But I still enjoy […]