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A Place Called Heaven by Dr Robert Jeffress

So I’m in a bible study group and this is the book we are doing our study over. I haven’t been able to keep up by the videos, due to missing for my travels, so I’ve been reading the book as I can to at least be able to engage with the group next time I’m able to attend.

Now keep in mind that I haven’t read this book daily. I only read (and do my writing) when I’m alone and it’s quiet from any tv noise or people talking because my mind has to stay focused on what I’m reading and or writing or I will just lose my thoughts and words on each page.

Anywho, if you’ve read my previous posts then you know that I am here in Maui for my first time ever. Tonight when I laid down, I decided to read a little while before going to sleep. As I’m reading along, I read this paragraph (in the pic above) from the book.

MIND BLOWN YALL! I was like, WHAT!!!!????

So I read it again, and then a third time, and then a fourth time. I know my mouth was wide open as I’m reading the paragraph each time while marveling in my mind just how amazing God is on His timing of things in my life.

I’m not one to believe in coincidences but rather I fully believe that God works in mysterious ways to show us that He is whom He says He is in His Word. He had this very moment set up for me to strengthen my faith in Him. I mean, only He could’ve known that I was ever gonna be in MAUI first of all, let alone in Maui while READING this very BOOK, get to this very paragraph, at this exact moment while I am laying on a bed in a condo IN MAUI.

God never ceases to amaze me. He blows my mind so often that I never know why it amazes so excitedly every time He does things like this. Just makes me giggle and smile! I can’t even stop smiling as I’m writing this to share with y’all 🙂

My mind is blown, once again, by the mighty works of our Lord and Savior.

God is so good y’all!! When you ask Him to reveal Himself to you, trust in Him to do it. Expect Him to answer your prayers. Only He knows what’s best for us. When you ask Him to do mighty works in your life, let Him. Be still and allow God to do what He does. He WILL show you who He is! He DOES keep His word! He WILL NEVER let you down! He WILL NEVER forsake you. He loves you like no other!

If you don’t know who God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit are let me help you to learn about Him. It’d be my pleasure to read scripture to you or even with you. I do not and will not debate my beliefs but I will answer any questions for you about Him/Them that I can.

May God bless each and everyone of you.

Good night from Maui.

Maui Hawaii

Y’all I’m not sure how to describe Maui to those that’s never been here before. No matter where you turn there’s beauty. The sound of the ocean is absolutely mesmerizing to me. I love watching the waves splash against the black lava looking rocks. The sun here feels likes it’s 100 times hotter than the Texas sun (yes I know it’s the same one🌞) as the breeze blows just enough to keep you cool so that you don’t even feel it cooking your skin. I’d venture to say it’s my new favorite place out of the many places I’ve been blessed enough to adventure in.

Hawaii Bound

It’s finally here y’all…

My Aunt Carolyn and I fly out tomorrow for our Maui vacation together for ten days.

I’m so excited!

She and I always have such fun together on our trips, no matter how short or long the trip may be. We always seem to make one another laugh until we cry or cry until we laugh. We take lots of photos at every opportunity (which she hates), we eat food that we don’t get at home, and we always see things that we rarely get to see.

Once a year she and I go on a cruise called the “Rudy Cruise” together and occasionally she surprises me with an extra trip during the year. Last year she took me to Alaska and this year she’s taking me to Hawaii.

I’m so excited to get to see Hawaii in all its beauty. We plan to go whale watching while there. We also plan to enjoy the beach, the warm breezes, a luau, the flea market on Saturday, and simply enjoy the getaway over all as a whole.

I really do cherish our time together. She and I are so close that I call her my “Auntie Mom”. She’s one of the rocks that holds me up on the daily. We try to hold one another accountable and we can also just vent to each other about life and what bothers we may be burdened with. We continually pray for one another as we seek God in our daily lives. I don’t know what I’d do without her. I am very blessed and so very thankful that God strengthened our relationship the way He did at a time when I questioned many things about my life. Our relationship continues to grow and get stronger each and every day. My “Auntie Mom” is always there for me, as I am her, and I appreciate her more than she knows.

I would greatly covet and appreciate your prayers for our safe travels to and from as well as during our time we n the island. Also pray for us to continue to have fun makin more memories together, that are full of good and fun adventures, for many more years to come.

Thanks y’all.

May God bless you!

Pray for Ryan Newman

A massive wreck in the Daytona500 and Ryan Newman, #6, needs lots of prayers y’all!

Waiting Time

We all experience waiting time when obeying God. If we don’t, we are in control, not The Lord.

Waiting time is crucial in our growth. It’s there that we experience the true loyalty period we show God. It’s also where we learn as we grow closer to Him in our walk with Him.

Never rush through what God has called you to do in His name or you’ll miss out on so many blessings along the way to the main objective. Take your time and wait on the Lord for His orders. His way is so much better than our own way. We want things now but God shows us that the waiting time is so important that we must wait on Him.

Be patient! Be kind! Be obedient!


Definitions of Disrespectful Behavior:

Behavior that is rude, unpleasant, inappropriate, and unprofessional. Behavior that causes hurt feelings and distresses, disturbs, and/or offends others. Uncivil Behavior: Rude, impolite, discourteous behavior that displays a lack of regard for others.

Whether you’ve disrespected someone purposely or not, if they say they are hurt because of what you said or did, their feelings are legitimate and should be allowed to be expresssd. The proper thing to do is talk about things and say “I’m sorry I upset you, that was never my intentions.”

Acknowledging the other persons feelings make them feel important to you. Shutting them down and not allowing them have their feelings be discussed at all, only shows them that their feelings are real for a reason and that you don’t even care enough about them to discuss the feelings they carry.

Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Show people love by your actions and how you treat them.

We are humans that have feelings for a reason. Everyone gets their feelings hurt at times, even when it wasn’t meant to be hurtful, but they should never be ignored. A persons feelings are real and should be spoken out loud to be discussed and talked out not shoved under a rug to be ignored.

Love recognizes hurt and tries to make things better. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is not boastful and hateful. Love does not envy. Love is not arrogant. Love is not rude. Love does not INSIST in its own way. (1Corinthians 13:4-7)

Texas Snow Feb 2020

FINALLY parts of Texas got some snow y’all!

My porch view

Not much where I live but just 30 short minutes away, they’ve gotten over 4 inches of snow already. All we’ve gotten is some icy ground, from all of the sleet, and a dusting of snow. That makes me sad. If it’s got to be this cold I want to see snow!

On another note; this cold weather wreaks havoc on my body! My bones ache and throb, my skin feels like it burns from the inside out, and I have a migraine to boot!

BUT GOD YALL! God has got me in the palm of His hand.

Y’all have a blessed day and stay warm!