My Son and 1st Grandson My husband and I are officially grandparents y’all! Our son and daughter in law gave us a beautiful grandson this morning. God could not have made him anymore perfect! Due to Coronavirus, and my husband having been laid off for 6 weeks now, we weren’t able to be there with …

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Laid Off

“Lozowski Strong” Well it’s been a, some what, rather long five weeks y’all. On February 17th 2020, my husband David was laid off from his job. His lay off had nothing to do with the Coronavirus. He went to work that Monday morning and worked two hours before being told he was being released. I’d …

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Make shift office Who else is tired of being quarantined already!?! I’ve had my fill of it too. However, it’s very important to remember that in any and all situations there’s a positive some where but most of the time we have to dig for it to find it. So, here’s my positive. On the …

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Young Living

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Keyboard Warriors

Found this pic online and thought how true it really is... Isn’t this photo depicting such real truth in today’s society!?! So many people use online platforms to be such “lions” while in reality they are mere “kittens”. It’s comical how many people actually say hateful and mean things while making threats when they are …

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Maui Rainbow I captured this rainbow while in Maui y’all. It’s rare that I catch one where I have both ends of one in the same shot. I absolutely love the edit I did and how gorgeous this photo turned out to be. I wanted to share it so many could see it’s beauty.


“Fake” presentation of yourself and lies, of any kind, are very hurtful and deceitful to those that love you the most. Once you’ve been “busted”, it makes it so difficult for those closest to you to even trust you on the simple things in life. It also puts so much doubt in their minds every …

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