Just Venting

Can I just be honest for a sec….prob piss some of ya off but, ya know, THAT’S WHAT I DO anyway right so I might as well be honest…if ya love me, ya know my heart is always in the right place. You’ll either let it roll off or let it stick to ya. It’ll …

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Who knew?

I have discovered my love for raviolis still exists y’all! Chef Boyardee So I ordered some of them online, thinking I’d only got a few, for my husband initially. Well little do I realize, until they came in, that I got a box of 24!! WHAT!?! So yea, now having to eat them as to …

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Dining Out

Finally A Date Night Our first official “date night” for 2020 was at a Chilis and man was it delicious! I ate every single bite on my plate and that’s rare for me. We even topped off with a shareable slice of cheesecake! First off let me just say it was so nice to be …

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Do you believe that dreams mean something? I know some people that do and some people that don’t. Some dreams are so real sometimes that I’ve woke myself up, more than once, crying real tears. Tonight I had a strange one. It seemed so real during the dreaming time that when I finally woke up, …

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Frustrating Day

My morning started off pretty good. My husband and I got up and prepared to head out for the hour and a half trip to see my Rheumatologist but we were quickly halted when my husband found that our water heater had been leaking. Thankfully he seen it before we had a complete mess on …

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My helper

“Stache” As I continue working from home, my cat decided to “help me.” He loves boxes and knows this is off limits but this morning, he just couldn’t help himself.

“Hope Rising” Live Concert

https://www.facebook.com/OfficialHopeRising/?tn__=kCH-R&eid=ARDQNPpnw4CdqJpRdPxRc8cZvwr4KfakDlTY52z2179HvadtxQ7bRGuwPD4gJXdgpHaCuJPDeQBLL5EE&hc_ref=ARTXOA_qhD4ans3E28_dfZJtqU0T0lR5qlLBQf3x7ey992p4lCjNrn6KedaoeMPq0hA&__xts%5B0%5D=68.ARDh0Z82C9E_kX74gUCZKJn0wEpcgyCzmTcQzJlDs1ATT7ZKtfK_QDAOAxLHqSU3mYCiHWXooaQjtIW0HApugypcMQYVxzvjN3Bi69tj1eF3kN1VUGSAjydcqqA1zC_SPw18inMNm877sejmVj2AnHGHvA6a1HPu2L8zOEsY_eiHBViNfYizdwMyrzrg7azC_gSZsGG2xdXxmzTCbFohTYaAKo_mHtPVd8848js-VcI7Mh7wh3ujGERydCyETe_X-nOgT2pdrvkRuiITXMwXBsTr9mvn1c170ZbgRkRMwkMG3rvWWfqeayX20TVa6AajMfCTuoY9zmPk5UszOy4wr0CqrzLFBHYALMuX1tTO4oyP2doSU3MGqIhnzvg8NZ5c4v0 FACEBOOK LIVE WORSHIP SERVICE Click the link above and join in on this Christian benefit concert on a Facebook live event April 19,2020 at 8pm EST / 5pm PT. Will stream live at http://www.HopeRising.live if link is broken.

God Is Good

Have you ever wondered if God was paying attention to you and what’s going on in your life? Have you ever felt left out or ignored by Him? Boy, I sure have and not that long ago either. There are times when I am just so unsure of anything and everything that is happening in …

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National Unicorn Day

Happy Unicorn Day What!?! Who knew that April 9th was national unicorn day? I sure didn’t and I’m a lover of all things unicorn! I even have a unicorn tattoo on my ankle! Anyone else love unicorns as much or more than me? Share your reply/comment below.

Social Media

http://www.lifeandlove.blog I have a page on Facebook that I try to remember to share my blog posts to. I thought, since I linked it to this site, that it would share automatically like it does for Twitter but it doesn’t. Anyway, please share my blogs with anyone that you think that might benefit from what …

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