Happy 24th Anniversary

My husband got me the most beautiful jewelry armoire for our anniversary! I’m so proud of it. He even picked it out himself! The first one was delivered a few days ago but was damaged so had to send it back. Got the second one in today. This box has way more damage than the …

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A Testimony of Mine

Yesterday was Father’s Day 2020 and I was alone, as I was on Mother’s Day, and our own son didn't even acknowledge his Dad just as he hadn't acknowledged me on Mother's Day. This was not like him but given the times we are in it wasn't a shocker either. Being alone is good for …

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https://youtu.be/gn-ztA06KEA GOD IS IN CONTROL Ya'll! Take the time and listen to this. He's slow to start but WOW what an awesome way to explain what's happening today! Let us never forget that God is in control and He always will be. So don't let the ways of how things are changing make it quick …

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Worship at Home

I woke up this morning with the song “Build My Life” by Housefires in my heart. I don’t know about you but when I wake up with songs in my head like this, I have to listen to it multiple times right then because, to me, I take it as a sign from Holy Spirit …

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Happy Place

As I prepared to join my (forever) church home online this morning, I wasn't even thinking about my "happiest place on earth" and where that might be. Were you? As, my "preacher man", the Pastor of LBC, Chad Hopkins, began his sermon, he asked everyone one simple question. 'When you think of happiness, where is …

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“Hope Rising” Live Concert

https://www.facebook.com/OfficialHopeRising/?tn__=kCH-R&eid=ARDQNPpnw4CdqJpRdPxRc8cZvwr4KfakDlTY52z2179HvadtxQ7bRGuwPD4gJXdgpHaCuJPDeQBLL5EE&hc_ref=ARTXOA_qhD4ans3E28_dfZJtqU0T0lR5qlLBQf3x7ey992p4lCjNrn6KedaoeMPq0hA&__xts%5B0%5D=68.ARDh0Z82C9E_kX74gUCZKJn0wEpcgyCzmTcQzJlDs1ATT7ZKtfK_QDAOAxLHqSU3mYCiHWXooaQjtIW0HApugypcMQYVxzvjN3Bi69tj1eF3kN1VUGSAjydcqqA1zC_SPw18inMNm877sejmVj2AnHGHvA6a1HPu2L8zOEsY_eiHBViNfYizdwMyrzrg7azC_gSZsGG2xdXxmzTCbFohTYaAKo_mHtPVd8848js-VcI7Mh7wh3ujGERydCyETe_X-nOgT2pdrvkRuiITXMwXBsTr9mvn1c170ZbgRkRMwkMG3rvWWfqeayX20TVa6AajMfCTuoY9zmPk5UszOy4wr0CqrzLFBHYALMuX1tTO4oyP2doSU3MGqIhnzvg8NZ5c4v0 FACEBOOK LIVE WORSHIP SERVICE Click the link above and join in on this Christian benefit concert on a Facebook live event April 19,2020 at 8pm EST / 5pm PT. Will stream live at http://www.HopeRising.live if link is broken.