Introducing Myself

My Family

This is my family. We may not always agree with one another but the love we share runs deep within our Spirit and the devil himself will never be able to break the bond that is shared so deep.

My family began some 23+ years ago when the love of my life and I said “I Do” on that wonderful June 30th day of 1996. In March of 1997, we grew into a family of three as we became the first time parents to a beautiful and happily spirit filled daughter. A couple of years later, in August of 1999, we grew even bigger to become a family of four with the most handsome baby boy I’d ever laid eyes on joining into our family. Today, we are a family of six and I couldn’t be happier about gaining two more wonderful people that I could now call “momma’s babies” as well.

So here we are in 2019 and, now that we are a family of six, life has scattered us all across the globe as our two children have began their own lives making their very own little families. With their own loves and happiness as married couples, they are learning what being an adult is all about.

Both of our boys are Airman in the U.S. Air Force, which leaves both of our girls learning what life is like becoming military wives. So now that my husband and I are military parents and learning how to be empty-nesters, we couldn’t be more proud of each one of our babies. We are thrilled to be along side each of them as they learn to do life together through their successes, as well disasters, of their own. Momma and Dad will always be just a phone call or airplane ride away.

Some of you might want to ask me “Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?” My answer to that is because it is my prayer that, if in any way, some of my life lessons and/or stories can help a single person, then I’d be honored to share my story with them. Therefore, I am making this blog as my “personal” journal through life to leave as a legacy for, not only my family, but any one that could get some insight or wisdom from my life as I continue to learn daily how to walk closer to Jesus and be more Christlike as we are called to live.

What topics do I think I’ll write about is probably another question that might be asked so I’ll go ahead and answer that one too. My main objective is to write about life and love, in a general sense as well as a relationship sense, as I am learning to hear from and be obedient to the Holy Spirit living within me. As I go through, or have already gone through, the many trials and tribulations that we face on the daily I want to share my experiences as means of helping others. My ultimate goal as I journal through on this blog is to help myself, and others, learn to cope in a more Christlike way. I hope to gain insight from ya’ll as well, through your comments of knowledge and wisdom, as we help one another continue to grow.

Now that you know a little bit about me, I pray that you will enjoy my posts. Check back often and feel free to comment on any of them. Should you comment; please keep it kind, clean, and family oriented. My blog is open to any age, so I want to keep the comments friendly and appropriate or it will be deleted. Feel free to email me at with anything you’d like to discuss privately.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Enjoyed reading about your family Louann and wish you all the best as you begin your blogging journey – blessings Lois

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    1. Thank you – blessings to you as well.


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