Fun Time

Can I just let ya’ll know that as an empty-nester, I don’t get to do the things that I once did with my kids to have fun. I had more fun with my kids as they grew up than I’ve had in a life time of fun not having kids.

Well, this weekend, my brother and his family came down to spend the weekend with us. They brought two of their three children along with them, both girls, and we had a blast of a weekend. Fun that David and I didn’t even realize that we needed! They got in late Friday, so not much to do but catch up on the happenings in our lives, which I thoroughly enjoy doing with family on any visit, before it was time to go to bed from being tired from the days work.

Saturday, we all got up with no plans in mind for the day. My husband cooked breakfast for everyone and as we waited to eat, we all just visited with one another. I asked the girls, ages 10 and 13, what they wanted to do for the day and they both said “I don’t know”. Let me explain that my brother is not one to just “sit around” and do nothing. I knew I needed to think of something we could all do together before he and my husband decided to venture outside and find things to do that “us girls” didn’t wanna do; I had to act fast! I began naming things in the “metro mess”, as it is called in small towns with little to nothing to do, that we could all do together and everyone would enjoy it. After a few minutes of discussion, a few clicks of the mouse on my laptap, we had tickets printed to a place that we (us girls) had decided to go to in Grapevine. It is called “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”. It’s a museum of artifacts as well as a museum of wax people and other attractions of fun for anyone of all ages to enjoy. So we all clean up and get dressed after breakfast and off we go for a two hour drive to have fun together as a family.

My husband and I had been there before with our two kids, now adults, but it has been many years back. So once we got there, we were all happily amazed as we encountered 5 attractions of fun times together, in no particular order. In the Palace of Wax, the main event for us, most of the wax people figures were so life like that we all took pictures with the ones we liked as if they were the real person themselves. HaHa! They had all of the presidents, many celebrities, and even scenes made of wax from the bible. We did the Ripley’s moving theater where we all sat side by side in a separate chair with 7D glasses on for a wild ride in two separate inter active short films. Then came LaseRace, which none of us were crazy about, but it was still fun. We went through the Believe It or Not museum where they had this one particular man that is known for the worlds tallest man. I won’t go into the details in case you’ve never been, but we all laughed together and of course we had to take pics with him. They have a little gift shop that you can walk around and get some nice souvenirs, which we did, before stopping to have a snack and a drink at the snack bar. The girls got one of their hands made of wax for a keep sake while we sat and ate and enjoyed the few minutes of rest from all of the walking we had done thus far. But for me, the most fun was when we went through the fifth attraction……the Mirror Maze. We all laughed so hard together! And when we got split up, a couple of times, we would laugh even harder as we could hear one another and even see one another through the mirrors but we could not find one another. Each reach out to touch was only a touch of a mirror. Eventually we all found our way out, at separate times, still laughing at the enjoyment from it all. So much fun!

Sunday, we spent the day with our mom by taking her to breakfast, going to church with her, then taking her to lunch before it was time for my brother and his family to head back home. We don’t get to see them but just a couple of times a year so it is always nice when they break away from their busy lives of running a business all while raising a family, plus taking care of some of his wife’s family that live close by them, to come visit us and catch their breathes with some fun and relaxation.

My husband and I always look forward to family coming to see us any time they can.

My husband, brother, sis n law, two nieces
Me and my whole world
Me; having so much fun

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  1. My daughteAr and son in love ,my awesome son and my daughter in love and 2 of my beautiful granddaughters. other two children and their spouses couldnt make today.i was so happy to have them in church with me and to spend as much time as I did with them was great. Made this mama’s prayreris to have one mother’s day and ak
    All 4 families and grand children come to church with me before I am gone on this ish
    kind a bucket list.
    Made my pastor happy he even commented about during service.


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