“Nobody But You”

“Nobody but You” by Gwen and Blake


This is a new video that just came out a few days ago. Even if you don’t follow these two artist, I’d bet you’ve heard about their awesome relationship some how.

I absolutely love these two together!

Pic from (google search) E! News online

Imma country girl myself so I don’t follow Gwen’s style of music but, after watching her on The Voice, I’ve come to enjoy her personality. I’m beginning to listen to her music more and learning that I can relate to it too. Gwen’s personality comes through in her songs and I love her bouncy, realistic, and relatable personality. I also enjoy her style of clothing and ability to do her own thang no matter who says what about it.

Anywho, check out more of their music. Follow them on social media. And enjoy the love for one another that they exude from within.

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