Hawaii Bound

It’s finally here y’all…

My Aunt Carolyn and I fly out tomorrow for our Maui vacation together for ten days.

I’m so excited!

She and I always have such fun together on our trips, no matter how short or long the trip may be. We always seem to make one another laugh until we cry or cry until we laugh. We take lots of photos at every opportunity (which she hates), we eat food that we don’t get at home, and we always see things that we rarely get to see.

Once a year she and I go on a cruise called the “Rudy Cruise” together and occasionally she surprises me with an extra trip during the year. Last year she took me to Alaska and this year she’s taking me to Hawaii.

I’m so excited to get to see Hawaii in all its beauty. We plan to go whale watching while there. We also plan to enjoy the beach, the warm breezes, a luau, the flea market on Saturday, and simply enjoy the getaway over all as a whole.

I really do cherish our time together. She and I are so close that I call her my “Auntie Mom”. She’s one of the rocks that holds me up on the daily. We try to hold one another accountable and we can also just vent to each other about life and what bothers we may be burdened with. We continually pray for one another as we seek God in our daily lives. I don’t know what I’d do without her. I am very blessed and so very thankful that God strengthened our relationship the way He did at a time when I questioned many things about my life. Our relationship continues to grow and get stronger each and every day. My “Auntie Mom” is always there for me, as I am her, and I appreciate her more than she knows.

I would greatly covet and appreciate your prayers for our safe travels to and from as well as during our time we n the island. Also pray for us to continue to have fun makin more memories together, that are full of good and fun adventures, for many more years to come.

Thanks y’all.

May God bless you!

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