Today on my drive home from work, as I do most days, I was listening to Family Talk Radio, a listener supported ministry on SiriusXM Ch 131.

Todays topic, which will be finished up tomorrow, was about Grand-parents/kids and how Grandparents, when given a fighting chance, can and do make huge POSITIVE impacts in their grandchildren’s lives.

Something that should be so natural and flow like a river, are families “hooking up” and spending quality time together; ESPECIALLY in todays technological world. That time is so tainted for us right now with our two GrandSons. Chyanne, however, makes sure that Charlotte knows whom we are and whom her other grands are no matter how she feels emotionally and for that, I am very proud of her for. I have made so many mistakes as a mother but God designed us to be Grands to get do overs didn’t He!?! I mean as parents we learn with our kids but as Grands, LET THE FUN BEGIN! 😜


Growing up, I was not around either set of my grands a whole lot but we knew them and got to go stay summers, wknds, holidays, etc with them all if we wanted to. There was none of this you can’t punish my child or you don’t have any right to say or do what ever, it was fair game and we were all one happy village of people helping people.

I remember and now cherish what few memories I do have of spending time with my grands, especially now that memories is all that’s left of them. I was even blessed to have an extra set of grands, my PaPa still livin, that impacted my life in ways I wouldn’t ever want to let go of in my memories; Laffy taffy and Circle K to be exact. While I do know that my Papa knows I love him, we do allow life to get in the way and prevent lots of families from coming together like we did when I was growing up. I miss the reunion wknds at the lake or on the farm, holiday weekends as ONE BIG FAMILY (both sides coming together). I miss holiday trips when no one stopped until we ALL got to my Granny Alls’s for our family gathering because she was the glue to her 3 boys sticking together. She’s pop em with her rollin pin if she has too! 😂

Anyway, my point is that death seems to take away and rob of us all of so much but it don’t have to! Death should be celebrated as fun memories and not so fun times had by all but cherished just the same. Life is short yall and it’s up to those of us STILL ALIVE to make things happen for our families like our parents/grands did/do.

We have more advantages than any other generation of time yet we make one excuse after another excuse to NOT SHOW UP AND BE TOGETHER AS A WHOLE FAMILY than any other generation of time as well.

Why!?! Why do we allow the enemy to rob of us our quality time as families!?!

Most of you don’t know because it’s not national “FB”, “Twitter”, “Insta”, “TikTok”, what the hell ever is next kinda social platform news but David and I now have 3 AMAZINGLY wonderful grandkids that we are so excited to share about but aren’t allowed to.

Our newest GrandSon was born last month to Kyle and Katelynn which has now made Mason, our first grandchild, a BIG BROTHER!! We didn’t share our “excitement” because, well we didn’t have any excitement to share with anyone. We weren’t even told about Miles being born until 4 days after his arrival because our own children are not “obligated” to tell us anything about them or their lives and that’s okay if that’s the cards we are dealt. This post is not about them but many have asked why we don’t show excitement…now ya know.
We have seen one photo that Kyle texted to us but any other photos we get to see come from those of YALL that know we do want to see our grand sons, no matter what, and we do want to be in their lives but we’re done begging to be allowed. Since we are blocked from seeing any pics, posts, etc, and the fact that we aren’t even told when they come to town, we thank y’all for helping us see our GrandSons when ever possible even if only a glimpse of them.

Just to be clear T here’s a long history of “forgiveness” and “moving ons” that get spoken to our faces but never followed through with so it is what it is at this point. David and I just want the past to remain “water under the bridge” as my very own Nanny used to say. Life is to short to not move on from the past and allow the future a chance to work out right……….

David and I especially LOVE AND ADORE our 3 grandkids, even when we must love them from a distance due to miles a part or pure stubbornness(honestly derived from all sides 😜 ) and just because we aren’t “allowed” to be a part of their lives doesn’t mean we aren’t “allowed” to love them ALL wholeheartedly no matter where in this world God takes them to next. So thankful for FACETIME!!! I look forward to it daily!!!!!! #ilymttybltt♥️

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