Happy 24th Anniversary

My husband got me the most beautiful jewelry armoire for our anniversary! I’m so proud of it. He even picked it out himself! The first one was delivered a few days ago but was damaged so had to send it back. Got the second one in today. This box has way more damage than the …

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Who knew?

I have discovered my love for raviolis still exists y’all! Chef Boyardee So I ordered some of them online, thinking I’d only got a few, for my husband initially. Well little do I realize, until they came in, that I got a box of 24!! WHAT!?! So yea, now having to eat them as to …

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Dining Out

Finally A Date Night Our first official “date night” for 2020 was at a Chilis and man was it delicious! I ate every single bite on my plate and that’s rare for me. We even topped off with a shareable slice of cheesecake! First off let me just say it was so nice to be …

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My helper

“Stache” As I continue working from home, my cat decided to “help me.” He loves boxes and knows this is off limits but this morning, he just couldn’t help himself.

National Unicorn Day

Happy Unicorn Day What!?! Who knew that April 9th was national unicorn day? I sure didn’t and I’m a lover of all things unicorn! I even have a unicorn tattoo on my ankle! Anyone else love unicorns as much or more than me? Share your reply/comment below.

Young Living

For a limited time, we’re sharing the Freedom Sleep™ and Freedom Release™ Bundle: a selection of oils to reach for when finding balance is your number-one priority. To order go to http://www.myyl.com/lozlows and enroll for essential rewards.

“Nobody But You”

"Nobody but You" by Gwen and Blake youtu.be/4h9o0Gujuoc This is a new video that just came out a few days ago. Even if you don't follow these two artist, I'd bet you've heard about their awesome relationship some how. I absolutely love these two together! Pic from (google search) E! News online Imma country girl …

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Fun Time

Can I just let ya'll know that as an empty-nester, I don't get to do the things that I once did with my kids to have fun. I had more fun with my kids as they grew up than I've had in a life time of fun not having kids. Well, this weekend, my brother …

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