Bye Bye 2019

Good Riddance!

Today is the final day of two thousand nineteen! Happy New Years Eve y’all. Not only is it the end of another year but this is the end to a full decade.

Looking back on this year, I can’t say I’m sad to see it go. It has been one of the hardest years for me. Of course it had some good, but over all for me personally, it was just not a good year.

Without going into to many details, let me just say that I had a very difficult time with, not only my health, but also with some family issues. There is an old saying that “blood is thicker than water” and while that may be true, it has proven to be a bit of a tricky statement from my point of view.

Moving on.

I feel like Twenty Twenty will be MY YEAR! My year to be a better wife and mother. My year to be a better friend and relative to others. My year to finally feel better and become closer to my entire family. My year to grow closer to God.

I have a multitude of prayers for Twenty Twenty. Some of my prayers: I pray that my health issues finally become fully resolved. I pray that our ENTIRE family reunites as a whole and becomes closer than ever before. I pray that our finances begin to over flow. But my number one prayer for the year of Twenty Twenty is……………………….that my very first grand child (grandson due in April) is born perfectly healthy and oh so happy! I do know one thing for certain, he will be born naked. (HaHaHa)

I’M GONNA OFFICIALLY BECOME A TOOTSIE Y’ALL!!! I’ve been a Tootsie to my grand animals for a couple of years but this is so different. I can not wait to hold baby Lozowski in my arms and kiss his sweet eyes (just something I do).

Anywho, Y’all have tons of fun bringin in the new year for yourselves. I’m bringin it in sittin with my husband as we watch Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve show on ABC. However y’all choose to bring in the new year this evening; as you celebrate, please be smart and safe about it! Do not drink and drive. Have a designated driver in place, whether it’s a friend, relative, an Uber, or a Taxi just DO NOT get behind the wheel intoxicated and put yourself and others in jeopardy.

This will be a GOOD year

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