Triple Holidays Ending

Today was a busy day, full of un-decorating and reorganizing the now clean area where the tree once stood so pretty and tall, for my husband and I. The house is back in order after months of decorating and redecorating.

The Christmas tree, and it’s beauties, are all packed away for another year. The gorgeous wreath that we received as a gift this year, is off of the door and tucked away in its box. The outside decor is put away and the yard is back to it’s dreadful look of the brown, dry, cracked leaves that Fall has left behind.

I’ve always loved this time of year, especially where the 3 holidays come back to back, because we get to decorate and show our holiday spirit as each one comes and goes. My personal favorite area of decorating though is the outside decorations. I absolutely love to put out the goodies in the yard especially my inflatables! I have a few for each holiday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, then finally Christmas. It’s so much fun to see little kids faces as they see our yard all lit up with the lights and the changing of the “blow ups” for each month.

Anyway, it feels nice to have my house back in order and the yard free for my husband to mow the leaves and mulch them away.

I pray each of you had a blessed holiday season and a fun and safe bringing in of the New Year and decade of 2020. May we all remember the true reason for the season, Jesus’ birth, as we prayerfully and purposely seek God more and more in the new year.

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