Chronic Pain

Today……………………………………………it hurts to breathe.

Anyone else?

For me, my chronic pain feels like this gorgeous picture appears to me in my mind. I can see the beautiful mountain as it is so disguised by the tons of cold snow that lay at rest on it. But we know the snow will come and go with the seasons as does the enhancement of my pain.

I can disguise my body raging with pain just as the snow is disguising the mountain in the photo. I can almost feel my pain level rising just from the mass of cold air I imagine is blowing as I look at this picture. Such cold air, while the view may be beautiful, only enhances my chronic pain yet I will disguise it to others as they look upon me and my life just as this photo has disguised the dirt that lies beneath the snow.

The nerves and joints in my body are covered with mounds of pain, such as the snow in the picture. As the pain slowly goes down the insides of my body, just as the snow falls down the mountain side, it hits every angle of sharpness on its way down. It feels like I can literally feel every sharp and dull pain it encounters as it is falling.

I see the imagine come alive inside my mind as each tumble of snow breaks apart into more and more flakes of snow before it winds up into the icy cold waters below and is melted until all of the snow has completely been melted off of the mountain; such as each pain flows down my body until the next one is felt. Once it hits the “waters” it’s melted so that that particular feeling of pain is gone only to feel the weight from tons of more pain that was left behind.

When will the entire snow in this shot, that is frozen in time, fully melt? When the seasons change as each year passes until God returns to claim His possession that He created.

When will my pain be completely gone in this life? Only when God returns to claim His possession that He created.

Until then my Father…………………..

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