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There’s nothing like jamming out to some 80’s music, of all genres, to get me into a cleaning mood. My body don’t keep up with my mind anymore so it takes me longer now to do things I used to could do in no time at all or so it seemed. But I still enjoy the ability to do what I can to be able to sit in a clean room and gaze at my accomplishments for a brief moment.

Today, my favorite music is Christian music. I play it all the time but, for me, it does not help me to want to clean. It’s more calming and soothing to my soul as it engages me with other believers as I feel closer to God through listening to them share their hearts. I’m not a heavy metal or hard core rock n roll listener at all. Growing up, I listened to country music the most with some pop and easy rock thrown in the mix as well. So when I want to clean, I go to my amazon music and set it to an eighties genre or the eighties channel on the satellite tv. I love how they both will play a mix of the entire decade, as I dance around and clean on the move all while having flash backs from my child hood and my young mother hood days.

When both of my children were little, we didn’t have Amazon then so I would put the satellite tv on the eighties music channel or I would play my cassettes from my generation because I still have a stereo that has a cassette and record player. I would teach both of them how to two step, dance the cotton eyed joe, and other dances that I remembered from back in my younger days. The three of us had the best of times all while working together to have a clean house before their Daddy would come home from work.

With my husband gone for the weekend, last night around five-ish, I decided to force myself to clean my office back up again. My office is where I keep most of my souvenir items that I pick up when I travel. It’s where I have my desk for my laptop and printer. It’s where I have all of my Young Living items for use and for sale. It’s also where I have my memorabilia of my two boys and their Air Force beginnings. So, needless to say, it’s a small room full of a few of my favorite life events and I keep the door shut most of the time to keep the cat out of there. It’s so easy to just toss things in that room and shut the door on it and not have to look at it. So it has piled up over these past few months.

I haven’t been able to clean it all up, due to pain and/or surgery, in several months now. It’s not a room that I will allow anyone else to clean up for me either. So last night I decided that I wanted to get it done and back into using operation again no matter how bad I felt. I began by cranking up my music to the eighties mix genre on Amazon Music and away I went. I didn’t wind up finishing up until 2:30 this morning. With lots of stopping and restarting having to take place, it took me longer than expected, but it is done and I can sit in there and gaze at my work for a brief moment of pleasure.

My Office
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